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Every Sunday on Almavision 87.7 FM Help Me Lawyer!
This and Every Sunday February 5 we will be live with questions for the lawyer David Abramovici specialist in accidents at work and you may not lose tuned at 3:00 pm AlmavisiĆ³n radio 87.7 FM or we can listen from anywhere in the world through The Internet…
National Floor Safety Institute Quick Facts
National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) Quick Facts can aid in the prevention of slips, trips, and falls through education, research and standards development.
Common Causes of Workplace Injuries
Employers are obligated to maintain a safe workplace for their employees, but many fail to do so, and workers are injured every year as a result. Use this list to identify workplace hazards and determine whether you may be at risk. If you have already…
Types of Workplace Injuries
Types of workplace injuries and illnesses that can be compensated include conditions that develop over time because of poor working conditions (for example, certain cardiovascular, digestive, and stress-related conditions if accompanied by a physical…